Be a part of the Circus Christmas Party!
Our mission is to make the circus accessible to everyone and to experience the Christmas atmosphere together.

That is why, admission to the event is free.

We really ask that you register so you don't have to wait in line to get in.
Interactive performance "WELCOME!"

Christmas is coming and the Abrikosov family invites everyone to visit on December 21.

The circus garage of Upsala-Circus will turn into a real apartment - styled as rooms of different family members: mom and dad, the teenage twins and the grandparents.

Start your journey at the guesthouse of the Abrikosovs with a walk through the rooms and an introduction to the family's characters and their everyday life. Feel free to touch everything and take as many pictures as you want.

We invite you to join us "As Guests" to spend time together as a family.
On December 22 and 23, your children will be involved in the event, so we want you to spend the evening before Christmas together.
When you open the door of an inconspicuous garage from the street, you, like Alice, enter a completely different wonderful world.
An interactive space where you can touch everything, dress up, and become friends with an eccentric family.

A wonderful Christmas with the Abrikosov family!
Guests will be able to decorate the Christmas tree together, play unusual musical instruments and get inspired by circus performers.
During the evening, in addition to guests of the Abrikosov family, Upsala-Circus teams with participants from 5 to 35 years old will perform on stage.
As you stroll through the rooms at the Abrikosovs, you may unexpectedly meet dad or mom, teenagers or grandparents.
Help them prepare for Christmas, enjoy a bathtub full of balloons, take a picture with any member and see up close what they can do.
Together with your family, walking through the rooms of the Abrikosovs, you will see a lot of interesting and really funny, because this family is still a lot!
December 21
6.00 - 7 pm
Oops... we're out of tickets
December 21
7.00 - 8 pm
Oops... we're out of tickets
Ready to meet the Abrikosovs?

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